The Hive

The Hive is an interactive Forum for Masons to connect with one another to get help filling slates, to share ideas, and to do some serious business networking. Although business networking is not a good reason to become a Mason, that doesn't change that fact that many of us would rather do business with, and buy products and services from, other Masons because we know their character and the moral ethics they have agreed to uphold.

Need help filling a slate? Broadcast an email to our members proficient in the role(s) you need, or direct message specific brothers.

Need Charity or Fundraising ideas? Raise money through our fundrasing program, and ask members of other lodges how they help their communities.

Have a question about policies or procedures? Ask! Start a discussion about how other lodges answer the issues your lodge is facing.

Need a referral for a business? Members can list their businesses, other members can rate them, and you get a trustworthy referral.

Want Privacy? You can keep your name anonymous, post questions anonymously, and even password protect your discussions!

The Hive

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