Square Corners

Learning the floor work can be a challenge, but with this animated floor manual, you can study on your own time, at your own pace, and be ready for any chair, any degree or ceremony.

If you need help right now and the training isn't readily available, or if you just want to learn in the privacy of your own home, this is your solution!  

As you can see in the quick illustration above, we can show you how the officers move around the floor with appropriate timing, rod shifts, gavels, knocks, and even verbal prompts. You can watch any degree in its entirety, or isolate the specific chair you are trying to learn.

This should not be used in place of going to a Masonic School of Instruction, or attending practices at your lodge. Nothing beats actually DOING the work with others. If that's not an option before your next meeting, this online instruction can help. All videos are mobile friendly, so you can watch from your phone in the preparation room!

Concerned about security? All of our videos are kept safe within our password protected membership area, each video itself is also password protected, and our membership is by invitation only. We have additional technical safeguards in place as well to protect the information even more aggressively. Perhaps we are over doing it, but we want all of our brothers, whether they are a part of our membership or not, to feel confident that this important information is secure.

Square Corners

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