Lodge Sign Up

Want to sign up all of your officers or the whole lodge? We can accommodate!

Due to the confidential nature of some of the material in this site, it will still be necessary that we create each user name one by one and verify that each individual is a Mason in good standing with a recognized lodge, however, you can pay for all of their subscriptions here on this page and even get a discount for doing so.

To just sign up yourself, or for an individual brother, you can choose a $5 per month option, or $50 per year.

1 Brother

Subscribe 2 to 5 brothers all at once for $50 per year each with this button.

2 to 5 Brothers

Subscribe 6, 7, or 8 brothers for $45 per year each;
or 10 brothers for $40 each/year with this button.

6 to 10 Brothers

Subscribe 12 brothers for $37.50 each/year;
15 for $35 each/year;
17 for $32.36 each/year;
or 20 for $30 each/year with this button:

12, 15, 17, or 20 Brothers

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