Our Charge to Success - Wheaton Lodge 269

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Wheaton Lodge 269 celebrated its 159th anniversary in 2017, and has a very rich history of brethren who have passed through our doors. The first shot of the Battle of Gettysburg was fired by Lieutenant Marcellus Jones, a 5 time Master of our lodge. Masonry was re-introduced into Germany after the fall of Hitler by a former Master of our lodge, Peter Rassmusen. Many other men from Wheaton Lodge 269 have gone on to great successes as well.

However, this year, just like the Chicago Bears, we are in a state of rebuilding. We have over one hundred members, but a small number of active participants. We need to increase membership, we need to improve community involvement, we need to increase revenue for the lodge to meet our financial obligations, and we need to do a better job with educational content in our meetings. We have lots to do.

We do, however, have a great group of brothers who are committed to making a positive change this year. We are not only committed, we are inviting you on the journey with us. We will be blogging about our experience here and how we will go from the empty room you see in the Paul Revere Charge video, to a full house by our next installation meeting. ...at least that's the goal. We hope you will follow our journey and learn how we turn this around.

Lessons From Grand Lodge

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We are back from Grand Lodge! So I'll share how it went, what we learned, our favorite part of the weekend, and how we can better prepare ourselves for next year.

If you're already a subscriber to our YouTube Channel, then you saw that I posted a video before we left asking for suggestions on how we can prepare, but unfortunately it didn't get any responses. When I asked guys locally who had been there before how we should prepare, and they ALL suggested we just take it all in and enjoy it, which is great advice, but it's not a plan.

So we came up with our own game plan, and learned a TON of do's and don'ts when we got there. Hopefully this will help YOU better prepare for your next Grand Lodge meeting.

Re-Engage Inactive Members

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In this article we're going to start the conversation about how to re-engage inactive members. I think all lodges have them, members who attended for a while but then just stopped coming. Maybe they had kids and couldn't find time for meetings, or maybe they moved too far away to make the commute each month, or maybe they just lost interest, but today we're going to talk about how to start getting them involved in lodge again.

Essential Questions to Ask Your Members

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What do you REALLY know about your members? Why is it so important to get that information? And specifically what questions should you be asking to get it? Today we will cover all of those questions and give you a great template of questions to start from.

First, here's a quick update from our last post which was about Preparations you can make while the lodge is dark. As you know if you read that one, the purpose of this blog is to document the process of how Wheaton Lodge 269 is trying to turn our lodge around and fill the room for our next installation meeting.

Preparations While Dark

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Let's get our journey started! Thanks for joining us. Since our journey is staring in July, we'll start with the preparations we plan to make while our lodge is dark for the summer.

For many lodges, the lights get turned off for a couple months in the summer and there are no meetings. In the Midwestern part in the United States, we call this period, "going dark".

While this can be a great time to get your mind off lodge for a while, it can also be a great time to prepare for the next Masonic year. Our goal this year is to create some significant, lasting change to improve our lodge, We want to increase our active membership, to retain our current active members by providing a better experience for them, and to generate more revenue.

The Charge that Launched Our Charge! [with PDF of the charge]

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On June 24th, 2017, the 300 year anniversary of Freemasonry, Wheaton Lodge 269 held its 159th consecutive Officer Installation Meeting. It was a very special day. We had brothers from several other lodges in attendance to help out, such as Glen Ellyn Lodge 950, Grove Lodge 824, and Villa Park Lodge 1113. It was a great time, and great fellowship.

As is tradition in Illinois, we gave a Charge written in the year 1795 by a very distinguished Brother Master Mason, Paul Revere. This video is actual footage of the Charge given that day.