Fixing Our Broken Jewels

Written by Paul Cameron on . Posted in Masons Only

This was a presentation I gave at our lodge in the midst of some heavy debates about the condition of our jewels. It was a longer presentation, so I've split it into to posts. Enjoy!

Fixing Our Broken Jewels

Broken jewels have been a very hot topic in Wheaton Lodge number 269 for several months. There have been many Tuesday night where we voice our strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Some argue that we need to replace our jewels because it would immediately enhance the appearance of our meetings and our rituals. Jewels that are polished and put together DO look nicer than those that seem dull and appear to have been neglected.

Still others in the lodge argue that there's history with the jewels we have now, this is what we've always had and [...]

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