Building Lodges that Build Masons

The opportunity for an individual Mason to succeed in his quest for self-improvement is directly impacted by the operational success of the lodge he regularly attends.

Regardless of your jurisdiction, all lodges around the world face many common issues such as attendance, involvement, and consistency.

When a Lodge is operating to its potential, the members see personal improvement, and the communities, work places, and families around those members benefit as a result.

When a Lodge is NOT operating to its potential, it's likely they are missing at least one of three main components:

  • Consistent Leadership Strategy
  • Dependable Financial Control
  • Insightful Masonic Education

Being 'next' doesn't always mean 'qualified' for leadership, and without financial policies, spending decisions are left to the motivations of each new leader. Masonic Education is often overlooked, but is critical to Lodge success.

Struggling lodges often suffer from poor attendance and look to their members for answers, but consider this: If a producer spends $100M on a new movie, advertises it properly, yet the premier is poorly attended, are the missing patrons to blame, or did the producer need to make a better movie?

When Lodge leaders have a structure to follow, financial policies to reference, and insightful education to share, members will become more interested and start attending! was built to offer that help. Our long term goal is to be able to provide financial support along with our online training to help build up the lodges that are building good Masons. We hope you'll join us in our quest.

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Make a Profound Impact

This video is shared from the YouTube channel of the Grand Lodge of California, and is very moving. The last line is a quote for the ages. Thank you GL of CA.